Buell FireBolt Adventures in 2002 and 2003

Jill England
Last Modified: December 2004


Riding a motorcycle is an adventure. Not just on cross country trips but, on the way to work and sometimes just in the garage.

Enclosed here you will find a few exploits on 'film' (actually exploits on 'Charged Coupled Device' - CCD, but that is not nearly so poetic sounding ;) )

All Images Copyright (c) 2003-2004, Jill England

My New Bike

July 2002

I finally did it, after shopping for several months and very nearly buying a Triumph I bought Buell. What sold me was the relatively small parts manual and the realization that it was old technology improved upon for many many years. Plus I liked the high tech fuel in the frame feature and the fact that things you would normally pay extra for, like steel braided oil lines and oil cooler were standard equipment.


July 2003

On July 4th, out behind the Ducati store in Seattle they had a Scooter ride destination. (I went because of the Duc's, really!)


July 2003

Not to be overly impressed by the Scooters Marsha and I took off for ... MONTANA!. I on my Firebolt and she on her Classic. Went through Hells Canyon, camped in the wilderness, saw 'Balanced Rock' etc. etc.

Oops ...

July 2003

Feeling like I could do just about anything after the ride through Montana I went for a ride to Mt. Rainer, Yakima, etc, solo. Ran off the road in Cayuse Pass and destroyed my finger. My bike was Ok though, just broke off the oil cooler cover and bent the rear rim. (and a signal, and a clip on ...)

Complete with gory X-Rays and pictures !

Firebolt Repair

August 2003

It's not easy to turn a wrench with a cast on your hand. Somehow I managed it. Needed to change the wheel out and add some new parts for our next trip, which was ...

Milwaukee ?

August 2003

And so, against better advice, and armed with a new set of gloves I set off to the 100th Harley Birthday party. Pins in finger and all.