Buell FireBolt Adventures in 2004

Jill England
Last Modified: December 2004


Well despite my injuries from last year I'm still riding and doing it safer as well. I don't follow nearly as close as I used to sometimes, Also I'm a little slower to open the throttle in traffic and look way ahead of the vehicles in front of me.

All Images Copyright (c) 2005, Jill England

XB 12 S

August 2003

Actually I took these last August but, the first page is getting kind of full so I rolled it over here.

Now that I've had a Firebolt for over a year Buell has produced a new one with a larger motor. It is pretty and I believe that it would be better for some of those long cross country trips at altitude. I still like my 9R though and am not replacing it soon. There is one stereo image in this set that you can see in 3D if you cross your eyes slightly.

Ducati Race Day

March 2004

Seattle Ducati has a few 'event' days. This one a televised 'Daytona 200' at Jillian's accross the street. There are a couple of interesting anaglyph (color) images. You will need to find you Red/Blue 3D specs to view these.

The Woodenville Ride

April 2004

The Sport-Touring group went for a spring ride. We followed behind mostly but it was a fun trip.

Hurricane Ridge

May 2004

Climbed up hurricane ridge. There was quite a bit of loose gravel and sand on the road. The view was completely spectacular! Everyone should make the trek.

Marsha's Trackday!

July 2004

Marsha did a track day at Pacific Raceways with 'Adrenaline Freaks'. I chose to be a corner worker got paid $50 and got to wave a yellow flag. It was fun.

There were a few accidents, Marsha was very careful and got away without a scratch. It was interesting that the fast group had the least accidents and the medium group had the most serious accidents. Just an observation.