Mars Flow Research
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2/5/2005 'Opportunity' Desktops

NEW! Nickel-Iron Meteor found next to heat sheild in January 2005 by Opportunitiy ("MER-B").

This set of Desktop sized images are perfect for Screensavers and Desktops.

3D glasses are needed for anaglyphs.

12/12/2004 'Opportunity' Desktops

Opportunity expores a crater lots of interesting shots and a pan of one rim. All color, imaes were sized to be used as screen savers or desktops.

3D glasses are needed for anaglyphs.

02/14/2004 Color MER-B

Signs of life in the cracks of the Martian rocks at the Mer B site, Opportunity. These are the Martian "Anomals". I don't know if they are plants or animals or even if they are life at all. They are certainly anomlous!

3D glasses are needed for these anaglyphs.

02/14/2004 Color MER-B

Mars Exploration Rover B, Color images composed by Jill England with Captions of the Opportunity Landing Site.

 Or view the Pdf version!

08/24/2001 Seeps Paper A Study of Global Surveyor (MGS) Mars Orbital Camera (MOD) Images, Showing Probable Water Seepages
Efrain Palermo, Jill England, Harry Moore
8/24/2001 Lecture One
Lecture Two
Efrain and Jill's lecture materials at the Mars Society annual meeting in Stanford.
03/18/2001 Discovery of Freshly Created Martian Flow Features Hypothysis and obervations that prove "Flow Features" are currently being created on Mars and are not old phenomena. Jill England

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